Day X + 7

16 February 2016 if the elections
take place on 9 May 2016

The representative trade unions concerned, as well as the workers may file objections against some data included in the notice, posted on Day X.

The ultimate date for them to do so is day X + 7 (16 February 2016 if the elections take place on 9 May 2016).

The objections are filed with the works’ council or the prevention committee, or in the absence thereof with the employer.

The data, which may be subject to objections and – as a result – possibly subject to review and amendments, are the following:

-    the listings of the voters, either because voters have not been registered, or because voters have wrongly been registered with a category, or mistakes have been made with respect to the data concerning the voters to be included in the listings (surname, given names, date of birth, hiring date, place of work);

-   the number of mandates, for the elections for the works’ council and/or the prevention committee, allocated to each category of workers;

-    the list of executive personnel, to the extent a person would be included in that list who does not qualify as a member of the executive personnel in accordance with the statutory stipulations;

-    the list of the members of the management personnel.

If no objections have been filed, the data as reported on Day X, are final.

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