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The government protocol
read through social glasses

The government protocol gave rise to quite some commotion on the part of interest groups, not the least on the part of the trade unions and the employers’ federations. Traditionally, both took, completely opposite position.
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Mandatory information to
consumers in case of
distance contracts

The new Code on Economic Law provides some new obligations regarding the information to supply to the consumer in case of distance contracts.
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No national pledge register
before 2017?

The national pledge register, as introduced by the Law of 11 July 2013 on movable securities, will not be operational on the 1 December 2014.
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Look at a practice in vogue:

Crowdfunding is a form of alternative financing that directly matches an individual investor with an entrepreneur who needs funds to invest in specific projects.
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Corporate Governance :
European Commission's initiatives

The European Commission showed with a Recommendation and two proposals for a Directive its willingness to promote and improve the corporate governance as well as to standardise a bit more the european company law.
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Peeters Advocaten-Avocats reinforced

We are very pleased to announce that 3 new associates joined our Law Firm.
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