Newsletter 03-2014

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Dismissal after the obligation
to motivate

The new obligation to motivate a dismissal is not as severe as had been feared.
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Will the fight against late payments
be more effective?

The justices of the peace and the commercial courts have new competences as from 1 July 2014.
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Pre-contractual information

The obligations concerning pre-contractual information of commercial collaboration agreements, as introduced by the law of 2005, have been changed on some essential points with the codification of the Code Economic Law.
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Search engines and the right
to be forgotten

The European Court of Justice acknowledged the right to be forgotten. But is it really that easy to implement this principle?
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World's Fair Expo 2015 in Milan

Peeters Advocaten-Avocats is pleased to offer appropriate legal and tax services to businesses and public administration, who are involved in the World's Fair EXPO 2015 in Milan.
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