Newsletter 02-2016

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The Social Criminal Code
updated and modified

The Social Penal Code, applicable for almost 5 years now, has been thoroughly revised, corrected and updated. Employers risk severe sanctions if they infringe employment law or social security law. Remarkably, employees are also targeted.
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New investigatory measures
in the fight against terrorism
and serious crime

New measures relating to search of premises, telephone tapping and a joint database are certainly a positive step towards combatting terrorism and serious crime, but cannot be a license to seriously interfere with rights to privacy.
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Peeters Advocaten to attend
EELA 2016

Marcel Houben and Leila Mstoian will be attending the EELA 2016 Conference, taking place from 19 till 21 May 2016 in Prague.
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The following news was also available on our website:

The Belgian Competition Authority
brings out new
leniency guidelines

Under Belgian competition law, the leniency programme which some companies can benefit from has been the subject of precisions and innovations.
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Leo Peeters has been appointed
Chairman of the Board of Directors of
Make-A-Wish® Belgium-Flanders

On Saturday, 16 April 2016,  the Board of Directors of Make-A-Wish® Belgium-Flanders has appointed Leo Peeters as Chairman.
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News relating to the social elections :

The Social Elections 2016

The preparations for the election of the representatives of the personnel in the works’ council and the prevention committee started almost six months ago.

Beyond any doubt, the tension, for the trade unions but, even more so, for the candidates increased steadily and has now come to a climax.

Indeed, the elections take place effectively this week or next week, depending on the date fixed by each of the companies.

You can find more explanations on the final steps of the election procedure on our website by simply clicking on the heading “Social elections – election calendar” on the home page of our website.
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