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Leo Peeters and Alain De Jonge
to attend REALTY 2015

Leo Peeters and Alain De Jonge will be attending the REALTY exhibition, taking place from 19 till 21 May 2015 in Brussels, Tour & Taxis, Shed 2 & 3, Havenlaan 86c.
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Marcel Houben to attend EELA 2015

Marcel Houben will once again be attending the EELA 2015 Conference, taking place from 4 till 6 June 2015 in Limassol, Cyprus.
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Financial assistance - De facto, still prohibited?

Financial assistance (in the context of a company acquisition) has, in principle, been allowed since 2009. However, some conditions provided by the law concerning financial assistance create issues regarding its actual implementation; hence, the chances of success of the law are compromised.
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The temporary blocking of the wage indexing
(“index jump”) is a fact!

As from 1 April 2015 an “index jump” applies as a result of which the health index will be blocked at the level of March 2015. This index blocking will have a different impact depending on the sector in which you work.
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Commercial Lease 
Tested by the Constitutional Court

In two recent rulings the Constitutional Court has confirmed that an owner-lessor may refuse the renewal of a lease only under certain conditions.  
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Civil liability for disclosure violation:
the loss of chance theory

At this time of financial instability, civil liability for disclosure violation is a much-debated issue. Indeed, with regard to stock markets, the question arises whether investors who acquired shares on the basis of inexact or misleading information disclosed by an issuer may claim compensation to the issuer that is responsible for the damage he suffers?
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The resale right on the sale of a work
of art will be centralized

To optimize the administrative management of the resale right on the resale of a work of art, a unique platform will be established that centralizes all information regarding the works of art, which are offered for sale.
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IBA Conference
“Pure Love of Art versus Mere Investment”

Leo Peeters and Ann Vranken attended a conference on the topic “Pure Love of Art versus Mere Investment?”, which took place on 26–27 March 2015, and was organised by the International Bar Association in cooperation with Sotheby’s.
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Price Media Law Moot Court
University of Oxford
24-27 March 2015

Last week I had the honour and pleasure to take part as a judge in the final oral rounds of the international Monroe E. Price Media Law Moot Court competition, which took place from 24 March until 27 March at Oxford’s Law Faculty.
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