Data Protection Law (Privacy)

The new EU Data Protection Law (GDPR) has entered into force on 24 May 2016.

A company has until 25 May 2018 to adapts its organization to the new data protection rules.

The Belgian privacy commission issued a 13 steps plan that will help you doing that.

You will find an overview of these 13 steps by clicking here (D or F).

These steps will help you to prepare for the new rules by informing and assisting you concretely with the preparation that is needed.

These steps will help you :

to map the flow and use of data in your company;

to understand the new law requirements;

how to plan for the implementation of these new rules.

It goes without saying that we can help you with each step of this preparation. 

Hereunder you will find some examples of the things that we can assist you with:

Thoroughly inform you/your personnel regarding the new GDPR and the key changes ;

Mapping your data flows ;

Drafting or modifying your existing data privacy policies (internal) and notices (external) ;

Advice you with respect to the (re)negotiation of your existing contract with service providers (processors or sub-processors) ;

Prevention by advising you with respect to the correct procedures that need to be followed to prevent data breaches and if necessary advice and assist you with the reporting of data breaches ;

Advising you with respect to the rights of individuals and how to ensure and safeguard these rights within your company (access, rectification, deletion) ;

Identifying the basis for the collection of data (for example, consent or legitimate interest,...) and if necessary advising for modifications ;

Advice and counseling in cases where you need legal assistance in cases of an infringement of data privacy rules (claimant or defense) ;

Advice you with respect to the cross border collection and transfer of data.


Key Contacts :

Griet Verfaillie -

Lynn Pype -

Jan Vanbeckevoort -

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