IBA Conference
“Pure Love of Art versus Mere Investment”

Leo Peeters and Ann Vranken attended a conference on
the topic “Pure Love of Art versus Mere Investment?”, which
took place on 26–27 March 2015, and was organised by the
International Bar Association in cooperation with Sotheby’s.

During the conference the following topics were discussed  :

Collecting, investing or speculating?

Old and new players of today’s art market.

The art market players and their interests.

Art as an alternative investment class for institutional investors, art funds and other forms of art investment and certain related legal issues.

Some selected legal issues when buying and holding art; ancillary cost of collecting.

The public collections: their changing role in a changing market.

Advisors and their role on the art market.

How and where to structure an art collection?

How to best transmit a collection through generations.

The conference was attended by both art market key players and lawyers specialised in art law and Intellectual Property.

07 May 2015