(*) Note: the date of the deadlines of the election procedure are fixed in consideration of the date on which the elections are held in the TEU. This election date is determined – within the limits of the legally fixed election period – for each TEU separately by the employer, as the case may be, together with the WC, the CPPW or the union delegation. The election period, as determined by law, starts to run on 7 May 2012 and expires on 20 May 2012. In this column, the date of the deadlines are determined in consideration of the first possible date for the elections, that is 7 May 2012. So, if in your company the elections are held on a later date in the course of the election period, the number of additional days must be added for the calculation of the deadline as applicable for your company. By way of example: if the elections are organized on 7 May 2012, this election day of your company must be posted on 7 February 2012 (90 days prior to election day). If, however, in your company the elections take place on 11 May 2012 (4 days later), 4 days have to be added for the purposes of fixing the date of posting the election day in your company; consequently this date of posting of the election day then becomes 11 February 2012. If such a date coincides with a Sunday, a bank holiday or any other – for your company – normal day of inactivity (e.g. Saturday), the operation concerned must have been completed the day before.
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