The social elections for the designation of the representatives of the workers at the works’ council (“WC”) and the committee for prevention and protection at work (“CPPW”) are again coming up in 2012. These elections are organized at the level of the “technical exploitation unit” (“TEU”). Between May 7 and May 20, 2012, these elections must be organized for the CPPW within the TEU's employing on average at least 50 workers in 2011. In addition, within the TEU's employing on average at least 100 workers in 2011, separate elections have to be organized during the same period for the WC.

The election procedure is a whole of consecutive steps, each of them being subject to strict deadlines. Albeit that the elections are still far away, the first steps of the election procedure have to be taken in the course of the fourth quarter 2011.

The formalities and the measures to be taken will be commented on chronologically on this website as the election procedure progresses, starting AS FROM NOW.

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