Newsletter 09-2010

The introduction of
the Social Criminal Code

The law introducing the Social Criminal Code has been published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 1 July 2010. By introducing this Code the legislator aims at establishing a clear and coordinated whole of the sanctions that may be imposed in case of violation of the employment and industrial relations legislation and of the social security legislation.
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New law regarding co-property

On 1 September 2010, the law of 2 June 2010 amending the Civil Code in order to modernize the functioning of co-ownership came into force, at least a major part of it. The legislator has chosen to preserve the philosophy and basic structure of the law of 30 June 1994, but wishes to put an end to certain discussions that were raised and to solve certain practical problems that had occurred.
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No communal tax on foreign movable
income from EU member states

The European Court of Justice ruled that the additional communal tax levied on foreign movable income from EU member states is contrary to the free circulation of capital and goods.
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