World's Fair Expo 2015 in Milan

Peeters Advocaten-Avocats is pleased to offer appropriate
legal and tax services
to businesses and public administration,
who are involved in the World's Fair EXPO 2015 in Milan.

The 34rd World’s Fair will take place in Milan from 1 May till 31 October 2015 exploring the theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

This comprises technology, innovation, culture, tradition and creativity, and how these elements relate to eating and dieting. The target audience is very broad and ranges from food industry to research and development.

It is expected that more than 140 countries and a number of international organizations and 1000 companies will participate at EXPO 2015. More than 20 million visitors and 140,000 visitors daily are expected. More than 7,000 events are scheduled.

By means of a press release, the Council of Ministers has confirmed that Belgium will participate in EXPO 2015 and will have a pavilion there. Leo Delcroix has been appointed as Executive Commissioner and Marie-Noëlle Higny as Deputy Chief Commissioner.

In view of EXPO 2015, the Italian government has passed special legislation to rule a lot of aspects that are related to the participation in this World's Fair, such as work permits, taxation, employment, social security, insurance, etc. .... In addition, a special tax service was created for the World’s Fair, that will be competent to adress all aspects in relation to this event.

Businesses and governments, who are in one way or another involved in this EXPO 2015, and want to participate, to provide services and goods, to negociate deals, can call upon our Law Firm for an appropriate special assistance implemented for the purpose of the exhibition.

We offer our services in co-operation with Studio Legale Associato Calleri & Noviello Morazzoni Sangali and Sorefisa, a Law Firm and an Tax and Accounting Office, located in Milan. Their headquarters are located near the central terminal Malpensa Express, which connects the Milan International Airport with the city itself, and which facilitates contact with clients.

Companies and businesses of all types of sectors are involved in the project. Together with Studio Legale Associato Calleri & Noviello Morazzoni Sangali and Sorefisa, our law firm can provide you with specific and personalized services in respect to your activities in connection with the EXPO 2015, both in Belgium and Italy.

This is in particular:
- legal services relating to administrative authorizations, the urban and environmental legislation, drafting and negotiation of contracts before and during the operational phase in Milan, i.e. with regard to the renting of exhibition space, sponsorship, the actual implementation of exhibition space, contracts with suppliers, transport contracts, employment contracts, participation in tenders, assistance in the field of intellectual and industrial law, licensing, merchandising, incorporation of companies, press ... etc …
- tax services, including tax registration, tax representation, tax returns and possible disputes in this respect, direct contact with the special tax service, VAT, corporate and personal income Tax.
-  accounting services and
-  pay-roll services.

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