Social elections
in the construction industry

It looks like social elections will have to be organized
in 2016 also in the construction industry.

The social elections for the appointment of the personnel representatives at the works’ council and the committee for prevention and protection at work are to be organized next year during the period 9 through 22 May by the companies employing on average at least 50 (committee for prevention and protection at work) or 100 (works’ council) workers.

This applies also to the companies belonging to the construction industry.

However, at the occasion of the preceding social elections in 2012, an arrangement had been agreed upon at sector level, as a result of which the employers of the construction industry did not have to go through this complex procedure: all the trade unions had undertaken not to submit any candidates (as a counterpart, additional competencies were allocated to the union delegation).

Consequently, while the employers in the construction industry had to start up the election procedure, it could be stopped afterwards because of the lack of any candidates.

This arrangement applied only for the 2012 elections. It looks like a similar arrangement is not to be expected for the 2016 social elections and, in that case, also the employers in the construction industry will have to go through the entire election procedure.

23 September 2015

Marcel Houben -
Leila Mstoian -