The Ikea-Act in the Walloon Region

The legislation on commercial activities has been adapted
to comply with the "services" Directive, first by the
Brussels Region and now by the Walloon Region.

In the article "Ikea Act, now a regional competence", we informed that in Wallonia, the adoption of the decree to comply with the "services" Directive had been postponed by the outgoing government.

By the Decree of 5 February 2015, Wallonia has finally adopted its own legislative framework as regards commercial establishments.

According to Article 44 of the Decree, the competent authority will have to focus on four criteria: protection of the consumers, protection of the urban environment, social policy objectives and contribution to more sustainable mobility.

One of the innovations is the creation of an “integrated permit”, permit that, as the single permit, allows the issuing of only one authorisation for the three administrative policies (commercial establishment, town planning and environment).

The competent authority to grant such permit is the Municipality (in case of a surface area between 400 and 2.500 square metre) or the Region (in case of a
surface area above 2.500 square metre).

All eyes are now on the Flemish Parliament that has to adopt its Decree.

20 February 2015

Mathieu Maniet -

Our article « Ikea Act, now a regional competence » has been updated. You can read it by clicking here.