28.08.2017 - Amendment of the law on forced co-ownership - Upcoming legislation
On 7 March 2017, a working group on co-ownership, founded by the Minister of Justice Koen Geens, presented a memorandum of recommendation regarding co-ownership. This document contains concrete proposals to make the management of apartment buildings more efficient.
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27.06.2017 - The geo-blocking of digital media will soon belong in the past
Netflix subscribers have most likely already had the experience of not being able to watch their TV shows of movies during a stay in another EU Member State because these were unavailable over there. In the future, it will not be the case anymore.
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27.06.2017 - Road book on private mergers and acquisitions in Belgium (part 3)
After the structuring of the business transfer and the execution of certain preliminary-agreements (phase 1), the due diligence and the negotiations about the sale and purchase agreement (phase 2), a third phase starts in the context of a private M&A transaction, namely the due execution and completion of the agreement.
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16.06.2017 - Can victims of infringements of competition law take action for damages?
The law of 6 June 2017 facilitates the action for damages for victims of infringements of competition law.
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31.05.2017 - The unique environmental permit has entered into force
The environmental permit has entered into force as from 23 February 2017. It integrates the environmental and the urban development permit.
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